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Tamrakar Mobile Complex is one of the Nepal’s best store for gadgets. Buy Mobile phones, tablets, gadgets, camera, mobile exchange and more at Tamrakar Mobile Complex. Best Phone Shop in Kathmandu Nepal. Remember us for high quality branded mobile phones in Nepal.

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Organizing two mobile expos is an annual custom of Tamrakar Mobile Complex. So, following that same trend, the complex is currently organizing the 2076 edition of Tamrakar Mobile Expo. The expo that started on Dashain It features smartphones from international brands such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Gionee, HTC, Microsoft, Lava, etc. The Expo will also see an exclusive launch of some new smartphone brands. Tamrakar Mobile Complex is currently offering smartphones with a price tag ranging from Rs. 900 to Rs. 125,000. While this expo is set to end on 11th September, the Complex is looking forward to a different promotional offer in regards to the upcoming Dashain and Tihar festivals.

What We Do?

Many of the gift hampers were retailers specific as well. There isn’t uniformity in the gift-hampers which varied from store-to-store. Talking about my experience in this expo, it was no different than any other expos. It was a frustrating and confusing experience. Nothing looked systematic or managed. There are stalls everywhere, but what they offer is limited. Nothing jaw dropping, no new devices.

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New Road Mobile expo. And we thought of giving a second visit to the expo to explore in detail what a visitor will get and how he or she will feel in the expo. In this visit, we tried acquiring as many details as we could regarding the special offers introduced by different mobile brands present in the expo.